Manufacturing Solutions For All Your Finishing Needs

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Leonard Automatics, Inc has served both the industrial textile rental and garment manufacturing industries for 40 years.

During that time, we have developed garment tunnel finishers, curing ovens, and boarding machines to meet any production requirement and desired finish.

We also manufacture a range of heat treatment ovens, batch curing ovens and continuous conveyor ovens that can be fully customized for your particular application.We also offer a wide range of ancillary equipment including our all stainless steel Transporter conveyor chain, our patented AutoFilter, lint filtration system and many other systems to help you get the most out of your investment.

Regardless of your industry, Leonard Automatics will provide the solution to produce the finish you need, helping you decrease labor, save energy and become more profitable while not sacrificing finished product quality. Be sure to explore our products to find the solution you need, or feel free to contact us directly. One of our experienced sales engineers will be glad to work with you to design a project that fits your unique process.